Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring, sprunged

Wow, this is freaky. I seem to be seeing the world in a whole different way. On the weekend we went to Belleville and Ottawa. We took the patented half day tour of Ottawa. It was pretty looking and freezing-ass cold. The locals were in shorts and having picnics, we wore winter coats. Totally forgot to look up Ronit. He's out in the burbs anyway.

# Coming over the bridge into B-town, you can see the bell tower at Albert college. Never noticed this before.
# driving from deseronto to hwy 14, you go through a neat little town of Porterville. I think. It was cute. Also a very nice looking campground right on the bay. never knew that was there.
# The demoretsville dam is still funky. Car looked very manly rolling over all that grass.
# the pigs at Campbell orchards are funny
# Cindy does not know how to use a swing. Misplaced youth.
# the Mall seems brighter and nicer than I remember it. The dingy yellow glow of my youth replaced with indirect lighting and domed ceilings.

There was more. Things just look nicer than I remember.


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