Friday, May 25, 2007

Jessica is right....

The Service OPS thing will always be with us. Take the BCE place food court for example. There is a Greek place and Italian place next to each other. Same size serving area, same size seating area. But the Italian place seating area is never more than half full. The Greek place is packed. They are separated by a little fence. The lineups to get food at each place are roughly the same. Clearly the Italians don't have the throughput of the Greeks. Nothing wrong with that, but at least lease some of your seats to the Greeks. Or hire more staff. Or look at the line jumping problem and some better signage so first timers can go the correct line. Sigh. Try the meatball sub, it's great.

It's 5am. Do you know where my brain is?

Here are the latest pictures from Yixin's (EE-shin) visit to Canada and mine to Shanghai, CN.

Three albums. Canada. Shanghai. In laws.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring, sprunged

Wow, this is freaky. I seem to be seeing the world in a whole different way. On the weekend we went to Belleville and Ottawa. We took the patented half day tour of Ottawa. It was pretty looking and freezing-ass cold. The locals were in shorts and having picnics, we wore winter coats. Totally forgot to look up Ronit. He's out in the burbs anyway.

# Coming over the bridge into B-town, you can see the bell tower at Albert college. Never noticed this before.
# driving from deseronto to hwy 14, you go through a neat little town of Porterville. I think. It was cute. Also a very nice looking campground right on the bay. never knew that was there.
# The demoretsville dam is still funky. Car looked very manly rolling over all that grass.
# the pigs at Campbell orchards are funny
# Cindy does not know how to use a swing. Misplaced youth.
# the Mall seems brighter and nicer than I remember it. The dingy yellow glow of my youth replaced with indirect lighting and domed ceilings.

There was more. Things just look nicer than I remember.


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